Cartier had begun to produce fine jewelry in 1888; until then, the use of pocket jewelry was the prevailing fashion. Women's fine jewelry at that time were largely replica Cartier love bracelet. These jewelry were given further impetus with the arrival of Louis Cartier, eldest son of Alfred Cartier. Even while working on stunning jewelry and "objets d'art", Louis Cartier had always had a keen interest in jewelry...especially mystery clocks, high fashion fine jewelry, and jewelry...a style and tradition of jewelry that had not been seen in many years. Over the following years, accessory timepieces became more popular among women.

A significant boost came when he appointed Jeanne Toussaint as Artistic Director of High Replica Cartier Jewellery UK in 1933. Famous for her bold personal style, she was fondly known as "La Panthere" image that soon became a symbolic representation of Cartier. In fact, the panther was the first solo protagonist in all variations of Cartier's high jewelry - whether with gold or precious stones. As a symbol of luxury and extravagance, it is the very personification of "haute joaillerie".

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Today, Cartier fake jewelry are recognized by their defining appearance of circles, diamond shapes and squares gem-set with precious stones. With graphic lines and flowing curves, the immediate feeling these jewelry create is one of blissful decadence. While there is a definite majority for panther pieces, there are also other jaw-dropping designs that hold their own. Given Cartier replica jewelry high standards, both in design and material, it goes without saying that the diamonds and gemstones used to create these beautiful pieces are of the highest quality and only those that match the desired specifications exactly are used.

Each of these masterpieces is at the pinnacle of luxury fake Cartier juste un clou bracelet and high Knockoff Cartier love bracelet real gold practices; a testament to the expertise of Cartier's master watchmakers and jewelers! Every year, Cartier creates new high jewelry with precious metals and stones...divine pieces that are exhibited at the SIHH for the world to fall in love with and wistfully covet.